Tale as Old as Time

Readers love a good origin story.  Ask fans of DC and Marvel and they will agree with me.  Weave a tragic background around your protagonist and you have got yourself a seller.  While tragedy has a way with readers, honesty is another strong element that can draw them into a story.  It is why I … Continue reading Tale as Old as Time


Case file: Investigating the murder of the blue-point oysters.

Natural Experiments Co. believes in hiring mavericks to solve complex landscape level problems that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary minds.  If you think small, do not bother to read beyond this point. Advertisement notice:  Do you fancy yourself a Sherlock? Have you lived an unfulfilling life with no challenges?  Join us in our venture called “Natural … Continue reading Case file: Investigating the murder of the blue-point oysters.

If only they could talk…

From the ongoing series of ‘A Song of Blood and Air’. Part 1 of the series:  https://schrodingersdaisy.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/the-iron-throne/ Part 2:   https://schrodingersdaisy.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/estimating-2000000000-bo/ Title borrowed from a book written by Herriot. This is a stolen transcript from a secret monthly meeting held at an unknown location in the ancient city of Chemidom; ruled by Lord Oxygen. The … Continue reading If only they could talk…