Spin A Thought Topsy-Turvy

This is the fourth part in the series of Schrodingersdaisy. To follow the story-line click on the link below:


October 19th 2013

“You and me against the world.” I read out as I closed the book.

“If I was writing that book, that line would have been different,” uncle claimed as he feasted on the Tiramisu. 

I looked at his coffee coloured teeth as he grinned in delight, failing to see why there was a need to change such a moving line. 

After a long pause, he kept the dessert aside, pulled up his chair and sat down.  I noticed his receding hair line as he placed his base-ball cap aside.

“How would you describe the physical state in which you are in at the moment?” he asked as he looked at me intently.

“I am sitting on a chair in your laboratory.” I answered, wondering how his question was relevant.

“Are you moving?” he continued.

“Uncle, why are you asking me absurd questions?” I asked in a puzzled tone.

“Varvara, answer my question first,” he seemed amused, as he reached for the tiramisu.

“I am not moving at all, unless you count swinging legs under your precious table,” I quietly laughed as he raised his eyebrows.

“In the grand scheme of things, you are moving.  The earth is rotating on its own axis at a speed almost twice the average speed of an aeroplane.  It is also revolving around the sun.  The entire solar system is revolving in the Milky Way and in a super cluster of galaxies. If I consider myself a speck in the solar system I will see the sun standing still.  However, if I move further away, I observe that the sun is revolving in reference to the Milky Way (but at rest in reference to the solar system). We are part of something bigger and more exciting.  The universe is expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light.  Think about how insignificant we should feel.  Can there ever be a “you and me” or “here and now” and “against this world”?” he asked.

milky way

I looked at him in disagreement.  I had just finished reading the most romantic book and uncle was morphing the idea of love for me.  Father always said uncle’s idea of romance was cosmic and unearthly.  I finally understood what that meant and why he never married.  He was already in love with the Unattainable. 

He looked at me, arms folded against his chest. He was challenging me about my own existence. Someone should remind uncle I was only thirteen years of age and my idea of love was a fifteen year old boy and not the universe.

“But don’t you feel that even the smallest component plays its part?  In our body, all chemical processes happen on a cellular, molecular, atomic and ultimately, on a quantum level.  If I am able to talk to you right now, it is the result of the forces existing between fundamental particles in my cells.  The human body might not be as grand as the universe but surely, you cannot undermine the significance of what might seem tiny?” I replied

“If that is what you believe, ask yourself whether it would matter to the “universe” if there was no life on earth?  Would it have any impact?  Why do you exist?  What purpose do you serve in this grand scheme of things?  Are you an evolutionary accident?” he asked

“Or are we created by God?”  I interrupted, waiting eagerly for his response.

At this point I must add, whenever a conversation with uncle shifted to God, he would squirm with immense discomfort. I never quite understood what uncle stood for.  Whenever I did ask him directly, he would reply vaguely and vaporize like a dementor into his room of doom.  Maybe Schrodinger’s cat got his tongue.  Nevertheless I remained resilient in my endeavor to search his soul between the shadows he cast.  

“I will continue this conversation some other day,”  I thought out loud as I watched him enter his room.  A room that could be anything I imagine it to be.

Note: The extremely incompetent writer welcomes any form of criticism to the views put forth in the above journal entry.


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