The Iron Throne

Dedicated to Dear Haemoglobin,

Without you, I would not possess the higher cognitive functions that enable me to write this piece in the first place.  Instead, I would probably be under the lens of a mad etymologist; a tiny and ‘cold’ insect. Instead, here I am, typing my way through life because of a small protein like you that requires nothing more than one breath as a time from me.

You are the sole reason for my existence. I promise, I did not borrow that line from a soppy love song.

Once upon a time, when earth was inhabited by single celled organisms with no other form of life to keep them company, there emerged a ruler among them. Lord Oxygen. It took millions of years for Oxygen to overthrow the previously established ‘harsher’ regiments and emerge as the supreme Lord of all of the Earth. It took the same duration of time for his bacterial subjects and other newer and more ‘progressive’ citizens of his land to take a liking towards him. His story is quite an intriguing one; from the iron prison to the iron throne.

When he first emerged, there was widespread panic in the bacterial population. After long deliberations of how to ‘neutralize’ his toxic presence a decision was taken. Clover shaped iron cages were to be manufactured to imprison Oxygen on the run. Anyone who sensed his presence would immediately be granted the authority to lock him up.

Soon, however, things started changing. The citizens of the Land decided they could make use of their captor instead of ‘rusting’ him away in an iron prison.  If they could control his every move, it would aid in the betterment of life on Earth. The animal ‘Kingdoms’ and the realm would flourish under his protection.

Thus it was declared that Oxygen would, henceforth, be on probation. His every move would be controlled and monitored closely.

This was the first of the many ‘bloody’ battles Oxygen won in his accession to the Iron Throne; his release.

What happened next?  How did Oxygen, one of low birth, manage to seize the Iron throne?

Filled with deceit, escapades and necessary mistakes this tale is no short on drama.

To know more, wait for the next post of this ongoing series, ‘A song of blood and air.’

Author’s final note; I will make sure I post before I die.

Next part in the series:


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